It’s cheap, but well worth the price. You must be careful what you say when you make love to a woman. For if you ask her to bear your child in the raptures of passion, she will remember you.


Brandy-love-2055372_640And when a pain gold band falls from your pants pocket as she is hanging them up in the closet; she will not doubt you. When you leave her for a weekend to sell your car, she surmises that “precious lamb is tired” and lets your slumber linger.


She plays nurse and feeds you ’cause you’re a good lover and she likes a man around to while away the hours in the night. And you listen, but in silence, to the troubles of the past knowing that she’s been through all this before, and you are not the one to close the door.


You loan her your car, but you’re fussy about the same, and she gives you a little piece of her heart, ’cause it’s part of the game. You’re an avid coke fiend but your tennis shoes are torn, and you’re a young man with the energy that counts. And when you make love it is with the sweet newness of the dawn. Blue eyes as infinite as the cresting of the pacific waves, with a childlike shag of blond hair on your forehead and strong arms, capable of holding gently, you make known she is yours.


Your instructions to her consist of “Be Good” and you scamper off to beds unknown. Because she has promised, she waits for your return and you disbelieve when she looks into your eyes. She is hurt, but not confused. She cries because you are not as sure of yourself, as she is of you, and she has overestimated your being.


You are a man, but you do not realize your full potential. She tries to let you know she understands but you interpret this as aggression on her part, and think she is in need of your bodily fluids.


She goes out with a cop:  has a smashing time, lots of booze, lots of wine, but she sends him home without what he came for. ‘Cause she’d rather spend the time thinking of you.

At 2:30 AM, you call and she’s got to get up at 6:00. But she’s happy to hear from you and you’ll be there soon. You come into the house with a large blue borrowed suitcase. ‘Cause you need the money but there isn’t any. So, you promise her you’ll return it and the jacket sleeves are a little long anyway.


Brandy-pair-3393904_640Out with an honest cop dancing until 2:00 and in bed with a thief at 3:00. But you’re good to her, so she feeds you through a straw when you have a toothache, gives you strawberry baths with candles at midnight, and massages your feet while you watch TV. And you are suspicious of the natural love. It is this you speak to her about, and she understands your reasons, but believes you not, but likes to toy; if it were true.


You tell her you’re poor and you’re stingy with money and you wait for her to say it’s all right. But it’s not all right, so she just smiles. You take out the garbage and that earns you a lot, so when you massage her back, you tell her you’re content just to let her fall asleep, and you do.


She picks you up at 11: PM and people are surprised to see you together. Cause you’ve been playing it cool. And no one suspects because you are discreet. You take her out for a drink and enjoy being watched. Knowing you can bed her down at will and if they were to try she would say NO.


You’re short of money; she is too. But you ask her for a five-spot – ’til Friday will do. She gives you the money in all good trust. But Thursday rolls around and travel you must. You’ll see her on Monday and give her the money then. It’s the car, you know things are going so slow.


And she goes to sleep ‘neath the stolen blanket you brought to keep her warm. Knowing Monday’s on its way and it’s also payday. But Monday comes and there’s no man and she guesses it’s because she’s been unfaithful to you for the first time as planned.

And so is the price of a $5.00 love affair.

About the author: Brandy Rain

Being raised by a traditional British mom and growing up in an Asian Culture provided Miss Rain with an abundant view of humanity. Exposure to the arts and early travel experience provided discipline and the ability to “think on your feet.” These early life skills translated well into  a successful carrier in Radio and T.V. The never ending joy of using imagination coupled with human emotion continues to be a delight.