Summer Love

As a kid I loved summer break.

Summer break meant visiting my grandmother and reading book after book in a tree house. Summer meant running through the sprinklers to cool off, and/or cooling off inside by watching lots of silly television (Gilligan’s IslandI Love Lucy, and The Brady Bunch).

I wrote stories and let my Barbies act them out.

Summer break meant family vacations and trips to the swimming pool. Summer also led to my first kiss, falling in love with that boy I met on vacation, and spending hours just hanging out with friends.

Summers also meant heading out on my bicycle to explore and picking wild blackberries in the woods.

As a kid, summer equaled, playing, exploring, innovating, creating, and sometimes just letting myself be bored, but most of all, just being myself.

As adults, most of us don’t have long summer breaks anymore, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dive into our memory banks and recall the feelings, tastes, and joys of summers past.

But let’s be honest. How many of us are going to actually take the time to recall summers, let alone experience the summer essence and allow ourselves to play through the summer like we did as children? Because, of course, we have OH-so-busy adult lives.

Most of us won’t.

  • Because life is too serious for silliness
  • Because we believe that grownups don’t play
  • Because we are far too busy to let our hair down (or put it up into pigtails)
  • Because we are far too dignified
  • Because we won’t give ourselves permission
  • Because feeling bored means we are boring (not true!)
  • Because we can’t remember how to relax

I was looking at some old photos recently and realized how flat out full of joy I was as a child. Today, I have a daily life that feels loving and nourishing, but far too often I seek dig into seriousness and overlook the joy.

So, what am I going to do about it?

Give myself permission to splash into summer the best way I know how: through words and images.

Enter: Summer Love Notes. A daily invitation into summer and you’re invited to join me. For Free.

Do you long to recapture the pure exhilaration of being a kid again? How would you like to receive a splash of summer in your inbox every day?

How would it feel to open a daily gift to remind you that, even though you’re not a kid anymore, you can still embrace the essence of summer into your daily life?

Beginning June 1st and running through August 28th.

One of my deepest desires is to provide thoughtful and loving content to help people fall in love with themselves and cultivate a daily life that feels nourishing.The love notes will vary from nostalgic stories of summers, grown up ways of channeling the traits of summer, a favorite summer recipe, and tips and tricks for fully occupying your own life.

Summer Love Notes will end August 13, 2015.

And, because I know that I can lean towards the serious side of life too often, I’m inviting lots of my friends to join me in celebrating the sights, tastes, sounds, feelings, and actions of summer.What a cool way to meet new folks and gather around the virtual camp fire to hear new voices of wisdom!

I’ll be sharing all the love notes over here at SummerLoveNotes.Com.

I can’t wait to experience the joys of summer with you!